“A Miraculous world of art”

There are so few miracles in our lives, or we do just not see them? “There is no death. The human person is immortal.” So Academician Vladimir Bekhterev said in 1927. He was allegedly killed by the Russian KGB for his study and deep knowledge of the neurological secrets of human super-men.

When Olya Shevelova received in a dream her first lesson in painting, she was shocked! Until that time she had never painted. The gift had its genesis in the stress created by the death of her parents and now results in the creation of beautiful and sometimes incredible works that border between two worlds.

Olya Shevelova’s paintings were created over the last three years. They have their genesis at night when Olga receives instructions in her dreams, she believes as a gift from her recently deceased parents. So she has gone from a state of despair – for the loss of her parents to a place where she has started a new part of her life associated with painting.

The artist has no institutional education, the creative process takes place in an amazing state of spiritual impulse when the hands, heart and thoughts have one goa: the process of creating an artistic image. It turns out that by not having a clue about painting, Olya began to draw at the call of her dreams, not influenced by traditional teaching.

We must pay tribute to the colour relationships and the composition of her paintings is indeed quite professional. From the paintings comes incredible energy, they state their sincerity.
What excites the artist?, Memories of her childhood, adolescence, loss and the joy of new discoveries, the feeling of mutual love and a bright road to an uncertain future. Olya does not create a subject but captures the state in which an enormous energy awaits new meetings. Do you feel the beauty of colour, light and shades? This is the same as a source of water for the thirsty that provides healing
… Olya enters a romantic world with wings gifted from her parents, filled with love, warmth, sincerity, belief in the light. It is a dream with all its metamorphosis. Painting keywords: Dream and reality, goodness and trust, love and gratitude. Says Valentine Efremov art critic, Honoured Worker of Culture of Ukraine, winner of the award im. Platona Biletskiy.
“Colour, light, shape, have a vibration that has long been proved by physicists and biologists. It is theses harmonies and energy with which the artist fills the picture. It has long been no secret that the objects carry information about their owner, and oil and canvas are the properties of stored energy of the artist their emotional state and the place where it was created.
Therefore, the picture is a conductor between the web and the artist, the artist’s energy and condition at the time of painting the work, allowing the audience to feel the paintings and their author.
I love – happiness, to feel it and to give to people. The process of creating a painting is similar to the birth of a baby and his first smile. For example; I like New Zealand, where I live now, the volcanic energy helps me to convey in my paintings even more feeling and energy, “- says the Shevelova.

Miracle? – yes it’s really a miracle! From learning how to paint in a dream and then a solo exhibition in Sydney, Australia, within six months of that first dream! Up until today there have been more than 20 exhibitions in different countries around the world displaying Olya’s paintings. Inset: A miracle – it really is a miracle! Learning how to paint in a dream!

Translated by D Barnes, Auckland, NZ.