Exhibition Accidental Artist!

 Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin (French Still Life Master) said

 “Who told you that one paints with colors? One makes use of colors, but one paints with emotions.”

Olga Sheveleva is an Ukrainian artist. After the death of her parents she experienced emotional distress and Olga received the gift of dreams as a means to receive information.

In the dreams, she took a whole course of art painting: composition, perspective, aerial perspective, color,  light and shade, texture …

After  only seven months she held her first exhibition in Sydney followed up by selected paintings being selected and shown in Kiev Ukraine by Valentine Efremov a renowned Ukrainian art critic who holds the title of “The Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine” and who has won awards including the Plato Bileskiy an annual art award bestowed in Ukraine.

Valentine Efrimova said of Olga’s works in July 2014:

“The style in which Olga expresses herself is abstraction and painting style impasto, in such techniques often the genius Vincent Van Gogh painted.”

Using thick paint to breathe life into the painting emphasizes light and shadow.

When we go to the mountains of Australia, New Zealand, or Crimea in Ukraine, the saturating power of these mighty and majestic places, there was a desire to paint a work that would bring this energy from the outdoors and to energise the place where they would reside be it a house or on display..

There is a concept of 5 energies that constantly move and are transformed into one another. Earth, wood, water, metal, fire, these energies are present in my paintings:

Land – I take sand collected in the mountains and add to the paintings, also tree bark collected from a mighty forest once overcome by fire but now renewed and now mounted in the painting. Water is a great carrier of energy and information, also from the beautiful “Blue Mountains” Australia it is mixed with the paint. Metal – I paint mainly with metal knives rather than brushes. Also a candle is lit at the time of painting. By doing this, it was possible to combine the 5 energies in a paintings and give the viewer a unique feeling of magnificent places on the planet.

It is a way to transmit the power, beauty and strong energy streams, so my paintings now contain the energy captured in their creation.

This selection of Olga’s works include images of gum trees and the sky as to her the gumtrees were ravaged by fire appeared dead but came back with new life this is true of her own life dying in her old self and beginning a new life in  New Zealand and Australia. The sky to her represents hopes and dreams.